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This week on other blogs: Leftovers from December

As I said yesterday, there are some really great blog posts that I missed last december. Check them out if they interest you 🙂  Damien, this one’s for you: Michael Spence blogs about our misconceptions concerning exchange-rates. “The focus on currencies as a cause of the West’s economic woes, while not entirely misplaced, has been … Continue reading

This week on other blogs: Leftovers from 2011

  Looking back at the last few months of 2011 it seems like we missed some great blog posts. Therefore, before starting a new series of ‘this week on other blogs’, we look back a little bit.   Posted in November 2011, Joseph E. Stiglitz analyses the crisis. One observation that is becoming more and … Continue reading

This week on other blogs: Week 51 & 52

Kevin O’Rourke writes about the future of Europe. Many issues are discussed, among which is wage reduction policy in relation to other macro economic policy options. “If the nineteenth-century “internal devaluation” strategy to promote growth by cutting domestic wages and prices is proving so difficult in Ireland, how does the EU expect it to work across … Continue reading

This week on other blogs: Week 50

 If you want to alter the value of Shell negatively, find a way to show the fund managers that the company is actually riskier than previously thought. For example, argue that it doesn’t pay enough attention to the social discord it creates. at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/joris-luyendijk-banking-blog/2011/nov/14/karl-marx-hedge-fund-manager

Tax rebates… Looking gift horses in the mouth!

Whilst enjoying my breakfast late last week the mail man came bearing an unexpected gift…. News that I am eligible for and am shortly to receive a tax rebate! Not just one but two!! For overpayment of tax in 2005/2006! “Christmas is on!!” I proclaimed excitedly to family members who were convened in the kitchen … Continue reading

Undressing finance #5: bonds

There is a lot of talk about bonds at the moment. Bond auctions, yields on bonds and common Eurozone bonds. But what is a bond? Very simply put, issuing bonds is a way of borrowing money. The difference is that you are borrowing in the capital markets, not from anyone in particular. The issuing is … Continue reading

Undressing finance #4: shares and dividends

Shares are a unit of ownership in a company (or an asset, but lets keep it simple). It doesn’t mean you have a say in the day-to-day operations of a company but you use your shares to vote in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Board of Directors are selected and other types of … Continue reading

Zucotti park during OWS, Day 16 (Photo credits: AA)

Learning to ❤ theory #8: Agency

Agency is often mistakenly seen as merely free will. It is not that far off the mark, but it is and can be so much  more than that. One way to view it (as Knafo does) is to see it as the ability to relate to structures. In more conventional sociological terms it is the … Continue reading

The Political Economy of Competitiveness // Part 1

Time for a series! After Damien’s work on currency and his latest blog on labour I got exited about writing a series myself. What other topic to pick than the practice that really frustrates me: the role of competition in economics. For some obscure reason I feel like I should start with a defensive statement … Continue reading

Political music pt. VI: Flower Power!

The Original Caste – One tin soldier Pete Seeger – Where have all the flowers gone Blend Crafters – Imagine (John Lennon cover) Jefferson Airplane – White rabbit